Pups have been leaving nearly faster than I can keep up with.  Last week, Hershey left on Monday to a local family that has had a PWD in the past.  Then on Thursday, Curacao flew to Texas. Friday, Layla flew to Alabama.  Saturday, Huckleberry left for Colorado and Sunday, Sriracho and Ziggy Amar flew to Minnesota.  Monday Candy left to live in the SL Valley and then yesterday, Comet (Snow) and Cobalt flew the friendly skies to California and Colorado.  The house is getting very quiet with just a few precious puppies remaining.  I am hearing wonderful things about their transitions:
WIlly (Curacao):  "Slept like a baby last night....he is doing so good on his potty training.  He plays and plays and when we go outside he potties like a pro!.  No accidents, Wahoo!"
Trixie (Candy): " She is doing great.  The first night she went to bed and didn't make a single peep.......she loves to go in the backyard and play chase with us and she is getting the hang of playing frisbee."
Sriracho: "We love him and enjoy him a million times a million.  He is such a good puppy.  A very good eater..rides extremely well in the truck or car...and is basically housebroken.  I don't even put down piddle pads any more."
Ziggy:  "Ziggy is absolutely wonderful.  He is adjusting well to life in Minnesota......We love Ziggy's personality.  He is so laid back and such an affectionate puppy."
Chaco (Sky): "Well, we are totally smitten with this pup.  He's such a sweetheat, so funny and playful and loving, a real cuddler." 
Hershey: " I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for Hershey.  He is very sociable, affectionate and smart.  He has already mastered sit,stand, down, come and heael and is totally housebroken.  He is extremely willing to please and is constantly looking up at us as if to say 'what now boss'.  We have decided to keep the name you gave him as Walking Food Disposal Unit would be too long a name.  He's a very happy puppy as you can see from the attached pic."