Chaco was the first to leave this morning.  He did very well on his six hour drive home.  He is now living in southern Utah.  WInnie and Licorice are living right here in Park City to two very happy new PWD owners.  Rosebud left to a new family this evening who has not had a dog and looking forward to a low allergy puppy.  Pumpkin is in a hotel room with his owner this evening and flying to Illinois tomorrow.  They are just going so quickly.
The pen now seems even larger and I am down to two large round food dishes instead of three.  I often wonder if the pups remaining realize that there are fewer of them and what is going on.  Life is normal though with running, jumping, barking, playing King of the Kennel and somersaulting around the pen.

Hershey sold today and will be leaving on Monday so now just Dusty, Forest and Burgundy remain available. They have all been to the vet and we have 22 very healthy puppies and the vet complimented us on their care.  They are a lot of work, but like with all PWD;s, you get so much more out of them than what you put in to them.  I am so very blessed.