Most of them now have their eyes opened.  They are all hearty and the same size, as this was a result of one tie, so all were fertilized at about the same time.  Their ears are not quite opened yet, which makes it wonderful to sneak in to get something I forgot in the den.  

My others area week older and I just tried to sneak in, but as quiet as I seem to be, the awakening is like a flash mob dance.  It begins at one end and works it way to the other until all are awake and whining for food.  I now sit here 30 minutes later wondering if I really needed that item I snuck in for. I did get some great pictures of a bowl feeding that I will post. Back to LuLu's litter:  They do not interact much yet with others, since they are still just under three weeks of age.  They are very mobile and fun to cuddle, but don't have much play time.  They still eat and sleep most of their time.  I tried to collar them so I could tell them apart a bit better, to no avail.  They tripped, wiggled out and mostly just cried, so off they came. LuLu is a fantastic mother, very patient and nurturing. All are growing at the same speed, all still love to sleep on top of mom after a feeding.