My daughter and I had fun nicknaming our pups tonight.  We have numbered them, named them after colors and flowers and some foods.  This time, we came up with creative food/food names.  I will lovingly refer to them by their collared nick names from here on out.  Licorice and Pineapple (whom my daughter affectionately calls Polar Bear) are the two largest puppies, with Kiwi close behind.  Our smallest pups are Cotton Candy and Pumpkin, followed by Bubble gum and Mango.  Right in the middle are all of the rest.  Pineapple is vocal like his father Jack.  He calls for food, lets you know if he is lost (anything more than 4" from a teat) and hums when he nurses.  Cotton Candy takes every opportunity to suck her back foot.  Must be her pacifier, but it is hilarious to watch her grab for it.  She and Pumpkin burrow for the lower teats that no one can find.  Huckleberry is always asleep between moms back legs, Licorice is always laying on top of another puppy.  The rest eat and sleep wherever it is comfortable.  Will keep you updated on the antics of our little tribe.