Winnie the Pooh is so cute and doesn't have anything to do with pooh, but oh my, do mine.  With 22 little ones, pooh is a part of my life and eliminating it is a continuous struggle.  It is amazing at how little they seem to digest even with wholesome food.  My poor washing machine and local land fill. .   

Pictures are hard to come by at this stage of their life.  It takes me 35 minutes to wash and dry a single pup, and it takes them 5-10 minutes to undo my 35 minutes.  Many of you ask if it is hard to let them go at 8 weeks.  My answer is Yes and No.  At this stage, I know you can now do a better job than I am able to, as they are so perceptive and in tune with me that they thirst to learn and need that one on one that I can only give in 5 minute increments.

I still love to lay in the clean pen and let all of them crawl all over me, chew on my hair, lick my arms and wrestle with my jeans.  They are fazing out of the biting too hard stage now and will still chew and nibble as they constantly teethe,   They have discovered that their disposable piddle pads are much more fun than all of the great toys we have for them.  They like to pull and shred until my masterpiece of a clean pen was only a vision of reality.

Most are awake as I write this, but for the last 15 minutes, only Mango was chewing at a pad and Rosebud was wrestling with Sriracho.  Now all but three are awake and creating more shreds of pads and pooh for me to focus on.  

I am home for the next 9 days and look forward to every waking moment with my precious pooh bears.