Sorry I have not blogged.  Life is busy with my sister visiting and my husband out of town.  Initially, there were no stories to tell, but now I am full of them.  Jamaica's litter is here, there and everywhere.  They walk, see, hear and are beginning to communicate.  I had one bark at me and another let out the beginning of a howl.  They all still let out coos or short whines to communicate regularly and moan when they nurse. They all have personalities and each are so much fun.  Huck is my baby.  When he sees me, he walks toward me, Sunny is very social and a gentle giant.  Sparkle is the size of Sunny and the largest female.  She is adept on her feet and is now trying to play and interact with the others. Pumpkin is like Huck and seeks me out for food.  Candy just dives right in under all of the pups and finds a teat wherever she digs.  She also cuddles in her mothers front paws and lays against her chest. She is smaller than everyone else.  Licorice and Kiwi are fun to watch their tails wag as they play.  Sky is catching up to his bigger siblings and  he and Hershey are the same size and played together tonight.  Mango and Apple could be twins.  They are so unbelievably cute.  Bubbles is adorable and a great little feeder.  Curacoa is an observer and just stares at me sometimes taking it all in.  Life is great in our house and full of love.

Will write about Lulu's later tonight.