Life in Park City is pretty good for the puppies.  They are all together in a run at the corner of our kitchen and back hall.  Their parents make frequent visits, especially after we feed them, as they want to lick faces for any leftover morsels.  Moms still nurse twice a day and in addition, we feed pups goat milk mixed with baby cereal and blended food.

They are playing well together, although some have not learned what is "too hard" with their new teeth.  They will quickly learn.  Every single pup is very social and plays well with others.  They jump, roll, tumble and run around the large gated area they are in now and are learning where to eliminate.  They all go to the piddle pad end to defecate, but don't seem to really care where they urinate now, so bedding is changed every few hours.  We have disposable and washable piddle pads.  Their bedding is washable piddle pads which are like blankets but more absorbent, and where we are training them to eliminate is disposable pads.  Our poor washing machine gets a workout this time of year.

They have discovered their voices now and the soft whines can be quite demanding if they think it is feeding time.  Very seldom, I hear a bark out of one of them.   It generally scares them, as our house it quiet even with adult dogs around.  When I step in to the pen, I am greeted with dozens of kisses, tugs and soft bites as they clamor around my legs to play.  Sitting down is an effort as they move so quickly, but once down, there is so much love in that pen that there is no greater place on earth.  I feel like Gulliver as they crawl over legs, tug on pants and shirts, chew my toes, check out pockets and try to crawl up my chest to lick my face.  Why I lay down, I have to cover my face and they LOVE to chew my hair and pull  on it.  Generally that is done just before heading to the shower.  I love everything about these puppies, yes even cleaning them.  There is so much we can learn from dogs and pups.  They are emotionally balanced, full of love, and just so calm and affectionate.  What great role models for me.

I have a three day weekend and my cell phone was reset to factory settings.  For some reason, it won't dump pictures and saves everything I take, so when I delete them, the memory capacity doesn't change.  Sorry I have not posted videos, but this is the weekend.....until I need to reset my phone again.

I finally named LuLu's litter and gave them collars.  Sorry if collar pictures are different in photos, but I promise the pup is the same.  I will take more pictures and post this weekend also.  With so many puppies, it is a full afternoon to take, file, resize, rename and upload so many pictures, but that is the least I can do for all of you.  I need decisions by today if I have contacted you about making your choice now.  There are families waiting, some need to book tickets if they are able to get the puppy they want and we are just three weeks out.  If you are struggling, I can send more pictures, or can hold two favorites and give you first right of refusal.  Please look at all of the updated pictures I will be posting and I will add links to videos.