I have written two posts to this blog and both were lost when my computer restarted automatically. After spending 20 minutes writing down all my thoughts, it is frustrating to lose it, so I walk away....

Life with puppies is very busy.  It changes from feedings every three hours 24/7 to cleaning their pen every three hours.  I do appreciate what the moms do in their early weeks, but now only human moms are caring for pups.  The other moms still want to get in, but the pups are far too large and LuLu was getting so nervous being attacked by large pups that we would vomit each time she came in to nurse.  Jamaica has done well and is an old hand at it.  She still whines to feed and we let them play, but need to cover moms underside as they can go in to a calcium shock if too many pups try to nurse at this stage.

They are all mouth and paws now, as that is how they play.  They tumble, run, jump and it is hilarious to watch all of them.  Each has their own personality, yet they are all so much alike.  Like humans, they all have rambunctious days and quieter days.  They now eat goat milk mixed with ground kibble, meat, veggies or fruit.  They loved the fresh blueberries they got yesterday.  They eat three meals at once now.  Basically, what I made two weeks ago, I now make three times in a row to feed them all until they no longer whine.  After gobbling up the food, they go to the piddle pads and get rid of the previous meal. If i am not quick enough, they then play tag in everything, and yes, it is gross.  They don't care but I sure do.  Baths are now a daily occurrence for pups as they need them.  This too will pass.  The best part of my day is after a meal and clean up, to just sit and get all of the love that you just cannot imagine.  Most are licks but every once in awhile one will try to take a chunk out of my leg or side (through a clothing of course, but they don't know).

I cannot imagine that some will be leaving in the next week or so, wow!  They are such a blessing.