Kiwi and Mango left yesterday for their new homes in Colorado.  Kiwi's owners have written that he did very well last night and just awakened once.  Thank you for putting my mind at ease just knowing how they are transitioning.  As you might be aware, I have a huge place in my heart for these puppies and I like to hear about them.

Friday, Apple and Knox are also leaving for Colorado. Saturday, Sky, Pumpkin, Winnie and Licorice are leaving.  Eight so quickly is going to be a shock and I am happy that they will have a great life in their forever homes.  

Lulu's litter is going to the vet on Friday for their first check up and immunizations.  They turn 8 weeks on Monday.  Wow, time is going quickly, but boy are they ready to live and learn more.  They are limited here, as I cannot train many puppies.  They have now discovered barking, much to my chagrin, as well as shredding piddle pads, pulling up their blankets, dragging their toys through every pile they can imagine and playing King of the Hill on top of the small kennel.  Life is a circus here and my little stars surprise me daily with their capabilities.  Kiwi and Knox discovered how to climb a 24" vertical fence last week, so keeping them safe at night has been a challenge.  Ah well, this too shall pass and my ears and olfactory senses will return to normal when the last one leaves for his forever home.