Our lives are all about puppies right now.  Our LuLu had her litter Monday night and we have 9 precious beauties, 7 males and 2 females. She had a black male, a brown and white male, a brown and white female and six white pups with either black or brown spots.

Feedings now take about an hour and a half every 3-4 hours.  Pups nurse and we supplement the stragglers or top them all off with fresh goat milk.  Jamaica's now can potty without stimulation and three have their eyes opening:  Sunny, Sparkle and Licorice.  This is early for our pups and all are doing well.  Sunny is the largest pup followed by Kiwi and Licorice.  Sparkle is the largest female.  Our smallest are still Pumpkin and Candy.  Huck has personality plus.  He cruises the whelping box, plowing over siblings as he makes his way around 2-3 times.  He was fed twice in this feeding and I think is trying to catch up to Sunny.  Speaking of Sunny, he is the most like his father now.  He loves to coo and talk to us.  He is the most vocal at this point, but things could change in days.  

LuLu's litter is all the same size, since this was not planned and there was just one tie.  They all are great little eaters, both bottle and with mom.  Since they are just five days old, I don't have much in the way of stories yet.  I just posted their pictures today, and more are coming up tonight for Jamaica's litter.