All of the pups in Jamaica's litter got a quickie bath today and went off to the vet for their first checkup.  All are very healthy and did well with the exam and immunizations. Three of them got car sick during the ride, poor things.  They all vary in weight, as Jamaica tied at least five times with Jack, so they were all stages of gestation at birth, I am sure.  Whereas LuLu's litter is all the same size.

They are doing well, but need a larger pen, so we are extending it further toward our living room.  They are all so playful and loving that it is hard to tell them apart personality-wise.  All are very well adjusted, playful, calm and loving.  Lulu's pups are off to the vet this Friday.  They are now eating many foods.  Yesterday, the menu was organic steamed rice with porkchops and carrots.  Tonight is chicken, a bit of their kibble soaked in organic chicken broth and peas.  They are hearty little eaters and we put down three pans of food and fill them twice.

Still cannot keep them clean.  They also love to play in their food, so their coats should be shiny and full of natural oils.  :)  Well, it is meal time as they were asleep when I started this blog, then my husband came in to the kitchen and all we need to do is touch their food pans, and a choir begins to tell us how hungry they are.