Puppy Blog May 2017

Wednesday, July 19:

The puppies received a new treat today.  Organic Mother Hubbard dog biscuits.  I hid them in their little logic toys that they must learn to open to receive the treat.  What fun.  Gypsy went after them with all of the focus in the world.  She clawed and dug at them and finally turned one cover and received her treat.  She would make a great truffle digger in Europe.  They are still working on them hours later.

They are vet checked, received their immunizations and I will worm them tomorrow.  I like to spread it out a bit.

I am ready...they are becoming teenagers it seems and although very affectionate, their play with each other is escalating, they are chewing up their bedding and piddle pads to the point that it is impossible to keep them clean.  They are ready for one on one attention now, and I am ready to sleep a bit more and not have a house that smells like a barn.

For those of you who have never had a litter of puppies, please allow me to embellish you in the grossness of raising these little love bugs.  They wake up, they all go poo, they play as I try to change their pen, clawing my legs, biting and tugging at my clothes, and yes, occasionally, sharing their defecation with me and the pants I am wearing.  They step in it, they jump on me, I wash their paws, finish their pen and change my clothes.  They fall asleep, eat and poo again.  My day cycles like this for 16 or more hours.  Now when 10 go at once, they certainly take the shortest path back to their play area, and naturally, this warm soft goo is fun to step in.  Sort of like a spa, I imagine.   Then they tear up the piddle pads.  Sometimes, they just slide in their poo doing this, other times, it flies up when the pad rips from the four sides that I carefully taped down and they take off running across their pen with the new found toy (piddle pad) flying behind them.  Since it takes me about 20 minutes to fully tape down new pads, I do it twice a day.  This means that every 4-5 times they poo, I change it.  In between, I either pick it up, or lay a pad on top of it and tape it down to keep the pen clean.  Now mind you, this slippery stuff is underneath the pad, so if I turn too quickly, I will slide on it and nearly fall down in the pen.  Wouldn't that be a fun story to share with a doctor.  It really gives underfoot, and one can slide a good six inches over the top of it. Other times, it just catches me off guard when I turn around to walk out, and the soft goo, squishes between my toes.  It is like walking in clay in a warm lake.  Thankfully, there is a very thin piddle pad between my toes and this spa sensation.  They must like it as I cannot keep them out of it, no matter how hard I try.  I guess they like going to the spa also.  

Now you know my day, and why at 8-9 weeks, I may shed tears, but I know by this age, they will be in better hands when they have your undivided attention, and can poo at your house, rather than at mine.  :)  My house will once again smell like food and cleanliness, rather than a barn.  I will miss them greatly, but nature has a way of weaning me also.

Monday,  July 17:

What a fun day with the puppies.  I have to wear long sleeves in the pen now, as I look like I have been attacked with 10 puppies jumping and tugging on me.  At this stage, you only wear clothes you don't care about when playing, as they tug, snag, pull, rip and shred everything I own.  Today I was taking pictures, and they got my camera strap, which you may see in some pictures.  I took natural play pictures today, rather than posed pictures.  It was fun.

They are eating the same foods they did last week, but I will wean them off of goat milk this week.  They love anything I put down, blueberries, raspberries, sweet potatoes, brown rice, asparagus, steamed carrots. peas, chicken, pork, beef, tuna and much more.  They are not big on kibble, but will eat it.  Please just don't make this their main diet.

Friday, July 14:

The time has arrived that I just cannot keep up with them.  They tear up their piddle pads as quickly as I can tape them down and are now avid little players, sometimes taking it a bit too far and I will hear a squeak or cry.  Life is amazing by telling us when it is time to take the next step, and that time is quickly approaching.

Today I had a great time with all of the puppies crawling over me, as I Face timed with two families.  They are an active bunch now, with almost all of them wanting to be front and center.  They love to congregate around me when I clean the pen.  It is too hot for long pants, so when they jump on my legs and slide down with their sharp claws, it is agonizing.  They don't seem to mind when I squeal either.  When I clean their pen, I have to tape nine piddle pads together.  I then roll it out as I roll the dirty one up.  They like to come along for the ride, as I pull the clean piddle pad along.  They seem to think that is great fun.  I just finished cleaning, and their are already 16 piddle spots (20 minutes)......I don't have that many puppies.....

Pickup is a week from today through July 29.  Beyond that, we have planned a vacation, so please arrange pickup in the next 15 days.

Wednesday, July 12:

I have had a couple of unexpected cancellations due to size.  Please do your research prior to putting a deposit down on a puppy.  Females are between 40-50 lbs in our line and males are 50-55 lbs.  I hold these puppies for weeks and pass on great families, in good faith, and I expect all of our loving families to also act in good faith.

The puppies are just as cute as they can be.  They play now for at least 45 minutes between naps, really have a personality and love to be held and played with.   I just cannot imagine anyone having more fun with these adorable balls of fur, than I do.  Life is Great!  My available pups are on the Puppy page.  Currently, I have both males and females available.

Monday, July 10:

Wow, it has been almost a week?  The pups are now active, jump on the side of the pen wanting out, and some know how to wiggle out.  They love to be held and pet.  They all congregate around me when I am in or near the pen.  They are so special.   We are awaiting our 7th pick to make a decision and I have a wait list for puppies, but cannot accept more deposits until I know genders that will be available.

They are all vocal now.  Kiwi has been the most vocal of all, with Fuchsia as a close second.  What is it with the girls?  All chime in, in unison though, when they hear me getting their food ready.  They are smart.

Nearly all now use the piddle pads regularly.  There are a couple that have accidents on their bedding, but for the most part, they use the disposable piddle pads.  Very hard to keep them clean now, as they are so active.  Please give me three hours notice if you want to visit.  Unless you have had a litter of pups, no one understands how long it takes to clean a pen and bathe them for a visit.

I will make their first vet appointment tomorrow, for sometime next week.  If you have not sent me your pick up mode and dates, please do so.

Tuesday, July 4:

A busy two days.  We have had visitors and the pups enjoyed all of the attention, although they could not stay awake for long periods of time.  Their canines are now in and their larger side incisors are in, but their front ones are still working on breaking through the gum.  They have gone from mild licking my toes and legs when I am in their pen, to tugging and pulling with their new growth in the past four days.  It is hard to believe their mouths have changed so much since I took these pictures on Sunday.  I just posted their five week old pictures tonight.

They are all very social and interact well with each other.  They are nursing on mom 1-2 times a day still, but eat a meal from us, at least four times a day.  They now have a diet of goat milk, steamed chicken, peas, carrots and yams, all mushed up.

Sunday, July 1:

We are just beginning to introduce the pups to other food.  We tried a ground kibble, and they did not like it, so we put steamed meat, carrots and potatoes ground up in to their food and they loved it.  All eight cups of it for 10 puppies....WOW!

Their little personalities are evolving.  Midnight is still very calm and interacts with others, but is not afraid to play alone.  Candy is my quiet sweet female puppy and she plays with everyone, but also is not shy about sleeping or playing alone.  Kiwi is now the vocal one this week.  She comes right up to me, as all of the puppies do, but will howl if I walk away.   The puppies still lick my legs and arms when I am in the pen.  Thank goodness they have not tested their teeth much.  When I am in their, they will pull on my hair, lick me, give kisses and every once in awhile, I will feel a slight tug on clothes, as they explore their new teeth.

I just cleaned their pen and had a playfest with Teal and Irish  They are  so special.  After about five minutes, Kiwi joined in.  I take back what I said earlier.  There is a big difference in just a day or two.  They now used their teeth when playing.  Didn't make it near as fun for me, but such is life.  I need to take their pictures today as well as trim their toenails.

They are a quiet bunch.  Very little whining or barking.  VERY social and friendly and just adorable little sweethearts.  

Friday, June 30:

Five weeks old today.  Can you believe it?  I came home from work today and the puppies were loose in our home.  The front gate had opened.  Three will still in their pen, and the rest came right up to me.  Fuchsia was whining, as she was caught behind the kitchen island and her pen cage.  She could see her siblings on the other side, but could not get to them.  Glad they were all safe.  What an adventure for them.  

I fed them, then cleaned their pen.  Most fell right asleep, but not Kiwi.  She pulled and tugged on my long dress, so when all was clean, I laid down and she had a grand time.  She played with my long hair, gave me continuous kisses and was very affectionate.  I don't often get one on one time with them, other than a minute or so holding them and loving them, as the others are wanting the sane attention.  It was very special.  After about 15 minutes, Midnight awakened and came over to join us with our little party.  One would think that my shear size would intimidate such a tiny creature.  It still does with our bunnies after a year, but not these pups.  They are just amazing.

Wednesday, June 28:

Well, last night was a big event in the puppies young lives.  It was their first change of environment.  They took it fairly well and I actually could see them run, as they now have room.  They were moved from our den, down to a run off of our kitchen, right near their parents.  They whined incessantly, but also explored and will learn where they sleep, where they eliminate, and where they play.

It was to the point that Kiwi and Midnight were crawling out of the whelping box regularly, Fuchsia was exploring this possibility as well as others.  We don't want them hurt, so when they are tall enough and strong enough to accomplish this goal, they come downstairs.  Now they will be exposed to our world, rather than live in a quiet nursery with just their own sounds and smells.

They are a hoot to watch now.  They interact a lot, are learning to run and are more vocal.  If they want something, they will whine for it.  Life is good.

Friday, June 23:

Sorry for the incredibly long delay.  I cannot believe how busy I am with puppies and moving a school.  They have not lacked for love in any way, I just haven't taken the time to share my experiences with you.

They are now lapping goat milk and nursing.  They have bumps in their gums where teeth are trying to break through.  I did not check last evening, but some may have by now.  This is a rough time on mom, as many of you mothers may know.  She does not want to nurse for very long, as they bite her.  We try to keep their names trimmed but between nails and teeth, nursing pups is not very exciting for moms.

Last Sunday, my daughter took each pup out of the whelping box, one at a time.  She sat on a beach towel with their bowl of warm milk, and introduced each one to it.  Some took to it like a duck on water, others did not.  Candy and Pumpkin, my two white pups, were the best nursers, but bulldozers in the dish.  They both put their heads down and walked in circles thinking they would get more milk.  We had to tame that quickly.  Midnight did not like being pushed out of the way, so he would just sit and whine, wanting milk.  On Monday, I saw Pumpkin laying in it.  I think he likes warm baths now.  The others were all somewhere in between, but all could not keep their paws out of it.  They are getting a bit better and I am sure the milk is good for their coats.  I

It is hard to keep them clean now.  They lick each others faces clean, tug on ears a bit and are just learning how to play.  I see some batting at tails or trying to grab it with their mouth if one is wagging a tail in front of them.

All of their eyes are bright and focused now.  They come when I tap their pen and are beginning to tolerate being pet.  Can you believe any dog comes in to this world not liking to be pet, but no newborn pup is familiar with this.  We love to stroke and cuddle them, so we are spoiling them for you.  A few years from now, when they will not leave you alone, you can think back to this blog about your dogs breeders, teaching them to love being pet.

Sunday, June 11:

All of their eyes are nearly opened now, so today is a good day for pictures.  I will take them this afternoon, when the light is shining in to this den and pictures will be crisp.

They have transitioned from calmly sucking on a bottle or their mom, to impatiently moving their heads from side to side, especially with the bottle.  This must mean that it is time for a heavier flow, so I will get a crosscut nipple today for the bottle.  They all nurse, but then I just top them off with goat milk (closest to dog milk that exists), so they are full.  They easily digest goat milk, and I buy the fresh pasteurized from a local goat dairy.  How many pups get $12/gallon food?  I think I need to purchase goats.....  :)

All is well and they are growing fast.  They move around the whelping pen fairly easily now and some just stare at me after a feeding.  That  is when they are the calmest, and they are now beginning to see what they have smelled for two weeks.  In just a few days, their ears will open.  They will startle initially, but then become accustomed to life in the Hedden house.  In 2-3 weeks, we will bring them downstairs and make a pen for them behind our kitchen and back entry that is open to the house.  Here they will interact much more with us as they won't sleep all of the time at that age, and they will see our daily life happen.  

We are finally sleeping through most of the night now, with a late feeding at 12-1 a.m. and then I get up between 5-6 a.m. to feed them.  I am early to bed type, so it takes three of us in the beginning and two of us at this time, to meet their feeding needs.

Friday, June 9:

Their eyes are just beginning to open.  HOW EXCITING!  It is so nice to interact at a higher level with them, when their eyes and ears open and they are not just responding to one sense: smell.  I will see their beautiful blue eyes in just a few days.  When they first open, they appear cloudy, not to worry, it is just nature forming their little eyes and when they are fully developed, they will have bright blue eyes for about five weeks, then they will turn hazel when you pick them up.  As I said earlier, they will eventually be amber colored.

They are all now walking and sniffing their way through life.  Isn't nature cruel to have them walk before they can see and hear?  Must be  a reason for that, but they bump in to everything right now.  They have sailor legs and wiggle and wobble as they try to stand and become mobile.  When they smell food, me or mom, they go nuts and whine, shake and move in all directions.  It is cute.  More pictures to come this weekend.  By the way, I finally recovered their birth and 3 day old pictures, so will include those in their files, but probably won't post online, since I already have one week ones posted.

Sunday, June 4:

The puppies have really grown and now all weigh over a pound.  They are great eaters and can pretty much smell their mom and crawl right to her.  Some are beginning to try to stand, which you may be able to see from some of the pictures.  Can you believe they stand before they can see and hear?  All are good little nursers, but with 10 pups and 8 teats, we top them all off with goat milk, to ensure they are completely full each feeding.

They coo when they nurse, and push with both paws, which is an instinct to extract milk.  They push on our hands also, if they are bottle feeding.  Some take right to the bottle and others need us to open their mouths.  They each drink a bit over an ounce during each of 6-7 feedings in a 24 hour period.  We are still sleeping in the den, and are up every 3-4 hours to feed them.  It will be so nice when they are about three weeks old and we can go for 6 hour stretches, as we are all sleep deprived.

We still stimulate them to urinate, and in a couple of weeks, they will be able to go on their own.  Their eyes will open sometime late this week or next weekend.  They usually open about 14-16 days old.  They will all have blue eyes in their pictures, but don't get too excited.  All mammals are born with blue eyes, as there is no pigment in a blue eye.  The pigment comes later and all of these puppies will have amber colored eyes. like a wolf.  No chance of blue eyes.

At about three weeks, their ears will open.  Then I cannot sneak in the den without awakening them.  I can now and enjoy the clean up time when they are sleeping.

Monday, May 29:

The puppies were born Thursday night and all day Friday.  It was a 20 hour process and we are just recovering three days later.  They are doing well and gaining weight.  They are developing their own personalities already.  Blossom is vocal and I know when she is not happy.  Midnight is the largest puppy with Snowflake close behind.  Candy we caught sucking her hind foot and it was so cute.  They all are mobile and can find mom for food, but sometimes get lost.

I have slept with them for the past three nights, with little to no sleep.  They are noisy and need a very warm room.  I go back to work tomorrow for four more days, so my husband and daughter need to pitch in a bit more this week.  The last week of school is very busy.

I downloaded two sets of pictures, birth and three day old pictures and have lost them all......:(  I am now waiting for my daughter to return home from work to help me find them and hope they are not lost.