We do not have any puppies available, and have spayed our last female.  We are unsure if we will continue to raise PWD's as so many are now.  If you are searching for a puppy, please ask your potential breeder for:

1. Copy of the lineage to ensure a very limited amount of cross-breeding/line-breeding has taken place.  You can also see CH in front of a name to determine if the parent has been shown and achieved a Champion status.  This is not necessary, but does demonstrate the quality of the dog in comparison to others in its breed.

2.  Copy of ALL of the genetic testing on parents.  You cannot do genetic testing on a puppy prior to going to your home.

  • GM1-storage disease
  • PennHip (better than OFA) for hips, elbows and shoulders.
  • Optigen
  • CERF (this is done yearly)
  • JDCM either with parents or grandparents.  It is genetic and does not need to be done with every generation if breeding grandparents were cleared.
  • I also tested for Addison's disease, but most do not unless it is in their line.

Thank you to all of you who know our line and trust us as breeders.   

The below information is no longer relevant as I am not breeding, but will save it for the future, should I choose to raise another line of excellent PWD's.


Puppy Deposits:

We have tried many ways to make the process equitable and sensible for buyers. Here is how we select puppies:  We take weekly pictures and try to describe them as best as we can as they grow.  First deposit for a puppy gives the owner their first pick of the litter.  Second deposit is second pick and so forth.  I  encourage people to read my blogs and look at pictures as they grow.  About 4-5 weeks, puppy choices begin.   When you place a deposit, please let me know your preferences. (gender, color)  This allows me to know how many deposits I should accept of each gender.  You are very welcome to visit our puppies to help with your decision making, or I will send videos of your choices.  We do not allow other dogs in to our home to see if they will be "friends".  I don't know how other dogs will react to my pups, or what viruses they could bring in to our home, off their feet, muzzles or if they are immunized.   The risk is too great for our puppies.

We do not wait until pick up to choose, as owners purchase flights far ahead and want to know if what they desire, will be available.  When the process begins, you will see "Reserved" behind a puppies name, when it has been chosen.  Quite often, what we would consider pick of the litter has been the last, or nearly last choice.  People choose their picks based on many different reasons.   If this process does not work for you, I would be happy to refer excellent breeders to you.

Please do not place a deposit unless you are confident this is the best decision for you and your family.  We DO NOT give refunds if you change your mind, as we stop advertising the pup, turn down potential families and hold the puppy for you.  If you change your mind, we will keep your good faith deposit, as we have acted completely in good faith and trusted your decision.  We only return your deposit, if we do not have the gender that you desire.  If we don't have the color that you desire, then please don't place a deposit with us, as I won't know until 5 weeks or later what colors we have remaining after choices.

All of our dogs are wavy coated.  Here is a little bit about the coloring: Brown is a recessive gene and rarer than black.  Since black is dominant, a black and brown mating pair would have all black pups unless the black coated parent was a hybrid (had one brown parent and one black).  Then, some of the pups would be brown.  Two brown parents produce all brown pups.  Two white parents produce primarily white puppies, but with LOTS of color. (parti coloration)  We love seeing out newborns as their markings are beautiful.

The joy with "parti" pups is that they are all unique, completely devoid of the 'typical markings' that you see in PWDs.  All of our brown  and black pups have white on them and most have beautiful white collars, muzzles and paws, for easy nail trimming.  Some have more solid brown or black and others have more white markings.

Our pups come with as much as you can take on the plane: transition food, family scented toys, snacks, chews, piddle pads, their paperwork, and parent DNA-pedigree-genetic testing.  A $300 deposit will hold a pup until pick-up.  Our puppies are sold cash only, as there are a few that would like a pup for free.   We don't ship, pick up is required.  All of our puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract, to be completed after 24 months of age preferably.  If you are looking to breed, don't contact me, as I do not have the time to mentor a new family in the show ring.