Jamaica is our daughters dog and has a special bed in her room.  She is now a five year old, cinnamon and sugar brown, with a very mellow personality and thinks she is a lap dog also. She is extremely calm, loves her nose rubbed and also enjoys the belly rubs and back scratches.   She receives the greatest pleasure in back rubs and continuous petting.  She could lay in my lap all day, and when you stop petting her, she lifts your hand with her nose and tosses it on her back for more. 

 Here are pictures of her since her birth.

Spring 2010:Top pictures,  Jamaica's birth took place  in our den next to our bedroom.  All of the pups are born in our den and remain there for the first five weeks of their life, so we can listen to them at night.  They then are moved to our living room where they can further socialize with their parents and become accustomed to the sounds of daily life.  They run around our main floor daily, which is wonderful for them to play with their parents.

 Jamaica is a bundle of joy and energy.  She bounds in to our laps at the most unexpected times and still thinks she is a 10# puppy.  Her brown and white coat below and changed to a cinnamon/sugar coat.  Initially, we were wondering how this came to be, as her parents did not have any bleed through with white, but she has a lot of white in her.  We get compliments continuously on her gorgeous thick full coat, and she is a beauty.